Friday, September 16, 2011

Yeehaw! I'm TWENTY NINE!

I'm 29 today. is my dad.  Well, sarcastically speaking.

Let me explain how deep sarcasm runs in my family.

In 1929 Carl Herman married a farm girl named Nellie and some how the combination of Kansas, German, farm boy marries farm girl, depression era stolwartness created this...

The most Sarcastic Hilarious family every known to mankind.

When I was a little girl  I would just sit and watch my great grandma, planted in her designated great grandma chair at Hume Lake, just busting up a storm of hilarity with the family just crowded around her with their sides busting.  She was wonderful.  She died just recently at the ripe old age of 102. She had been married over eighty years folks.

Exactly 25 years after Carl and Nellie married, thier daughter Aleta married Kenneth Rees and yet another delightful combination was begot. My Grandpa Ken brought a whole new meaning to the delightful title of The Storyteller and my Grandma is a firecracker set in the same mold of her firecracker mother.

So now you see that sarcasm begot hilarity which beget firecrackers which begot my dad.

My wonderful dad. Exactly 25 years after his parents, he married some extremely smart college girl who really liked him, despite the fact that the first date he invited her on was to go bug collecting!  They up and got married.

Every year on his birthday...I mean EVERY year the convorsation would go like this...

"Hey Dad, how old are you?"

"I'm TWENTY NINE."  (When you read that please use your best sarcastic Rees voice)

Five years later...

"Dad, how old are you?"

"I'm TWENTY NINE." (Read in the same Rees voice but make it sound older)

You see my Dad has always been 29 because he is a Rees that came from the most Sarcastic, Hilarious Storytelling, side busting, firecracker family of ALL mankind.

Exactly 25 years after my parents married Richard Cook became my husband.  And you know what? The Cook family almost has the Reeses beat with the whole sarcasm thing.

So now you see, my children have no way of escape.

The scientific conclusion of the matter is thus...Sarcasm gives you a very long and happy life with a very wonderful marriage that could quite possibly pass 80 years. I do believe somehow the exact distanst of 25 years in the marriages have emphasised the sarcasm.  I choose sarcasm people and that is why I would like to anounce that next year I will yet again be...

Twenty nine.

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