Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Why Do We Need Friends?

Why do we need friends?

I just moved away from all my friends and my favorite friend named Richard is on the other side of the country right now.
  Wittle Wachel is all alone in the world. 
 I am on my way to a new city and the first thing I am going to do, after putting on all my sweaters at the same time, is find a friend.  My step son asked me the other day why we need friends. Well...

1.  Some things that happen are extremely irritating and serious...and then you tell the story to your friend and you laugh. For a VERY long time. 

Like that one time that one child who was at a potty training age and was in the backyard playing right after you put the Christmas tree stand on the patio. Then this child really had to go and that Christmas tree stand pretty much looked like a potty so the child went in the Christmas tree stand.  I thought it was gross. But then I told my friend and I didn't stop laughing until I HAD to use the Christmas tree stand. 

2. Some times you are having a really bad, fleshly, sinful day....and then you text your friend to ask for prayer and the stupid sin starts to go away and the joy starts welling up. 

Like that one time when my kids just would not obey and I was yelling and they still would not obey and then I got the crazy mom eyes and put on really loud worship music and sent them all to their beds and texted this to my friend " Sin is stupid. Pray for me." And then I did hence get much better and the sin did hence get much less.

3. Some times you need someone to go see a movie with. Sometimes you need some one to go get an expensive coffee with. Some times you need someone to be dorky with. Some times you need someone to watch your kids while you go have the flu. Some times you need friend conversation when your husband is in the middle of the ocean. 

Like the 5 million, 300 thousand, 50 trillion times my friends have done all those things for me. 

I LOVE every friend in the whole world.