Sunday, January 2, 2011

I am so Half Made

When I was in my young girl dreaming stage of life, being a ballerina or singer or horse trainer or actress was far behind my desire to be a published writer.  Not fiction.  No sir.  I'm really quite terrible at writing fiction (I'm just too corny).  I wanted to be the next Elisabeth Elliot.  I wanted to inspire and enlighten and encourage other women to be as godly as they could be.  But over the past twenty years of wanting to be a published writer, I have one severe problem:  everything is half done.  I have stacks of notebooks up to my arched eyebrows of poems, plays, and nonfiction articles all over my house.  Then someone out there, perhaps named Mr Blog, invented a way for me to "publish" my thoughts and creativity.  I think this is going to be really fun.  Welcome to my stack of notebooks.