Wednesday, March 21, 2012

My Innermost Thoughts On Food

Food....I love it so.  The endless combinations of deliciousness are so endless and delicious.  If you put a little bit of this with a little bit of that, the this balances with the that and creates a whatever that could make you forget all else.  The world has heard enough of silly love songs and they really should move onto food songs.

I wouldn't say I'm a foodie because that's a rather expensive hobby.  I wouldn't say I'm a health nut because that would mean to much work and I'm a very lazy cook.  I'm not a nutritionist though that would be what degree I would want to get if I went back to school.  I think I am this: The Luckiest Girl ALIVE Because My Whole Childhood My Mother Raised Me On A Wide Variety Of Healthy Food And My Whole Marriage My Husband Has Been In The Kitchen Making Sure Food Tastes Awesome.

I know right?

The BEST gift my mom has ever given me, besides showing me how to be in love with the Lord, is feeding me healthy and with great variety.  You just have no idea how HUGE that is for your kids.  Those steps you walk your kids through day by day, week by week are going to be the footprints they naturally fall back into as an adult.  I naturally eat nature.  You know, plants and stuff.  It just comes so naturally.

Listen and listen good or I will get my Good Seed Organics, blend them down, make them look like brownies, and then trick you.  Make the Right impression on your kids.  You can do it!  I just know it!  You tell them to clean their room and they need to do it.  You tell them to look before crossing the street and they need to do it.  Give them a wide beautiful variety of vegetables and they will do it!

My son still eats broccoli like it's made of alien brains but I still make him do it.  He used to eat carrots the same way but now he eats them straight out of his grandpa's field.  It can happen to you!  See, that's the name of another love song but it can also be a food song!

You should have seen my face when I found out my dad was starting an organic vegetable farm.  It looked like I just made it into the New York City Ballet.  Yeah...that excited.  You cannot believe how thrilled I am to have my fridge full of lush, nutritious, AMAZING fresh FOOD every day of the week.  It's like owning my own cupcake shop only I won't have to audition for The Biggest Loser.

Please please please please do the right thing by your kids.  Show them how to love the Lord.  Show them how to cross the street.  Show them how to EAT.

(this message fueled by

Oh hold on.  I should give you a friendly tip after being so stern with you.  I have learned a couple of things about my dinner prepping over the past couple of years.  These two things help keep my kitchen stress level down a couple of notches.

1. I cook dinner in the early afternoon.  Usually around 1 or so.  Between 3 and 5 in the afternoon is not the best time because frankly my kids and I are more tired and less behaved.  AND running around all irritated right when my husband gets home every day is LAME.

2. I cook three meals at a time and hopefully give myself a couple days off in the middle of the week.  Guys...being a mom is just plain BUSY.  Find ways to make your day go easier on you.  When I cook my meals I usually have one in the crock pot, one on the stove, and a bunch of hunks of meat on the grill.  I sound like a restaurant chef huh?

I don't follow to many recipes to the letter.  I sneak my Good Seed veggies wherever I can and I also have this guy named Mr Cook who cooks A LOT.  That's right.  If we wrote a cookbook together I think I would call it "The Ironic Cook" by Richard and Rachel Cook.  Well, because we do like cooking but the things we cook are so simple and so not a lot of cooking...well compared to some.  Or maybe I'd call it "The Cook Cookbook of Cooks That Simply Cook"....yes? are my three favorite recipes right now that involve what's in season over at Good Seed.  Enjoy!  (and you better eat right or I going to come over there and set the timer on joke)

(with the grilled chicken just saute up some Good Seed spinach with some garlic..mmmmmmhhmmm)