Sunday, September 11, 2011

No seriously, I would have such an ashmazing garden if I only had the TIME.  My house would look ashmazing and you would want to come put it in The Ashmazing Houses of the World magazine.

 On the front page. 

Or maybe I could pay somebody to do it for me and then I would have more TIME but then I would have less MONEY.  I could also pay somebody to clean my house and then I’ll have more TIME in my garden.  But that still leaves me with less MONEY, dog gone it. 
AND if I went out to clean somebody elses house and tend to someone elses garden so that I could have more MONEY for my house and garden then I would have no TIME to do it!

King Solomon… Dude.  Why did you ask for wisdom when you could have asked for more TIME and MONEY?  I would have said, “Lord, everyone seems to always be whining about running out of TIME and MONEY.  Sooooo….I’ll take two endless piles of both of those please.” 

But no.  You had to ask for wisdom and make all the rest of us look bad.  Thanks a lot Solomon.

I really never wanted to be a rich girl.  I’ve read too many books to want to be rich (book readers have gobs of character and they know that the rich girl in every book doesn’t have any…that’s why).  But oh boy, would I love more TIME and don’t think I haven’t thought of the fact that MONEY can be turned into TIME.  I end all the conversations I have with myself with, “This problem would be solved if I only had more TIME” or “This problem would be completely gone if I only had the MONEY.” 

For crying out loud.  What a lame way to end conversations with myself.  What a lame way to end conversations with the Lord!  I have been so convicted by this lately.  Jesus knows my hours and my minutes and He knows my dollars and my cents…He knows EVERYTHING.  So many things in my life really would go smoother if I had more TIME or more MONEY or more of both but how lame of me to think that the Lord would want me to rely on those and not Jesus.

Solomon, you just had to ask for WISDOM. 

I am now prayerfully and trustingly, and faithfully knowing that God will answer, turning my whines for more TIME and MONEY into Solomon’s prayer.

Jesus, I ask for WISDOM. 

After all…Solomon says “it is better than rubies”
Who needs a stinkin’ ruby when you have the Lord?  Not me.

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  1. thank you for this friend! I have too been whining about not having enough of anything right now (except children, I have plenty of those...and dirty laundry)

    very refreshing :)