Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Black Cherry Ice Cream, Oxygen, and THE PAUSE

I love black cherry ice cream.

I would mow lawns and scour shower stalls for black cherry ice cream.

I really want you to love it too.  Come on.  Take a bite.  It really is good.  No one should be without black cherry ice cream.

I like oxygen too.  I kind of need it.  No one should be deprived of oxygen. 
I love homeschooling my kids.  Even more than I love black cherry ice cream.  Everything about homeschooling delights me. 

I really want you to love it too.  But more like I really want you to love black cherry ice cream and not like I think you are being deprived of oxygen. 

Wow. Step aside C. S. Lewis.  I own metaphors now.

If I smash my black cherry ice cream in your face it’s just because I’m super excited for you to try it.  Sorry about that.  I just love homeschooling so much. 

We desperately don’t want to screw up our kids, huh?  As Richard and I have moved from newborns to kindergarteners I have been desperately aware of how desperately no godly parent wants to screw up their kids. 

God is good.  Isn’t He?  He gave me such a sweet comfort today through His Word and through my memories of the families that I grew up with. 

Parents the power is in the PAUSE….

I’ve had my bespectacled face in Dueteronomy 6 all day, especially verse 7.  You go read the whole chapter yourself but I’ll tell you the gist of that verse.  God is telling the Israelites to teach their children about the Lord…

…“When you sit in your house
When you walk by the way
When you lie down
And when you rise up”…

The power is in the PAUSE.

I could tell you a pile of families that I grew up with that used those pauses.  They were home schooled, public schooled, private schooled, or whatever and I would be hanging out with them and they would just be talking about the Lord and life and what the Lord feels about this and that part of your life.  Those Dueteronomy 6 kids grew up and the love of the Lord radiates out of their faces. 

It’s a sight to behold. 

I thank my parents for homeschooling me but much more than that, I thank them for using the pauses. 

Don’t rush guys.  You’ll get rotten miracles.

You want some of my black cherry ice cream?


I don’t mind if you prefer lemon flavored (craziness)

But you do need oxygen and that’s found in Dueteronomy 6
God has so many blessings for Dueteronomy 6 kids….

Just watch and see. 

Just PAUSE….

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