Monday, March 14, 2016

Married for 12 years!

Dear wide world of young love people that want to get married that are in love, 

Aren't you a bunch of cuties. And don't you think everything he does is so so cute. It's cute how he drives a car, how he slurps his soup, how he prays to the Lord above, how he doesn't open the cereal the right way. All so cute. 

Well, the game's up.  I just performed Chinese spit torture on you and now you admit he does have some annoying flaws. You also admit that you think you can change him...that it's your job to change him. That he'll "grow out of it." 

Hahahahahahahahahaha ect.

The fact is that the core of him...the very nucleus will probably not change very drastically. (Neither will yours, ya little sassy britches.) 

The very unhappiest I've ever been in my marriage was when I wished my husband would change and the very happiest times were when I didn't care the least bit if he ever "grew out of it." 

Dear young people, can you live with that flaw every day for the next 80 years? Then just assume it will never go away and you're all good then. Learn to get to the cereal box before him and pray a lot right before he eats soup. Can you not live with that flaw for the next 80 years? Like maybe he supports Trump? Or he wants to go to a church that teaches heresy? Or maybe he likes cats. 

If his flaws pass the 80 year test then I don't know what you're waiting for.

This is my boyfriend.  

He passed the 80 year test with flying colors. I married him.

This is us 12 years later.  I think he's hot stuff.

Actually, he has changed...changed a lot of diapers, and light bulbs, and my mind about indoor dogs, and his mind about Mumford and Sons.  He's my best friend.  The Bible says I won't be his wife in heaven but my mansion will be parked right next to his so we can listen to rock music and make omelets for each other.  Year twelve is going to be the very best yet.

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