Friday, February 19, 2016

I Like My Children WELL DONE

Really what it comes down to is that I want to see the service results.  We all know I gave up a shining, illustrious career on Broadway to be a mom and I want to see the fruit of this great sacrifice for my children.  I’m not asking for much.  They don’t need to speak four languages or graduate at the age of ten, I just want them to love and serve their fellow man. 

But seriously…it’s been a good number of years on this job and I expect model citizens by now.   

I expect WELL DONE moments. 

Why do I keep catching them in fistfights?  Why is it still a torturous fight to wait for the water faucet?  Why do they still compete for prime couch real estate? 

This is when I want to declare I’M DONE.  I’M DONE trying to make you serve.  I’M DONE teaching them to stop stealing each others' butt real estate.   (You’re just all going to stand for the whole movie and I’m going to stretch out and take up the whole couch.  Oh wow guys…you have no idea how comfortable this couch is.) 

I’M DONE trying to make them into model citizens.  If my graft chart doesn’t show major signs of improvement with these people, then I’m going to ask their grandparents to raise them.  They raised me and that was probably really straightforward stuff because I know me and I’m a model citizen. 

My children went with me to watch my baby nieces for a couple days last week.  My kids blew my mind.  They showed such love and service for those babies and such genuine kindness that I was blown away.  They went above and beyond when I didn’t ask them or require them too. I took them out for ice cream and gave them the biggest, grandest WELL DONE speech I could come up with; of course, leaning on my skills in drama and flourish. 

The next day they were fighting over butt real estate again but it’s all good. 

There will be lots and lots of I’m DONE moments and lots of shining WELL DONE moments but one day there will be that final WELL DONE moment for your child and that will be before the Son of God when He says, “WELL DONE my good and faithful servant!” (Matthew 25:21)

That’s the WELL DONE you need to pray for and place your hope in.  

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