Friday, December 6, 2013

The Holy Spirit, My Child, and Green Eggs And Ham

My last child gave his heart to Jesus today.  How sweet and precious were his little hands folded and little words said in such a sweet little voice that can't even say the 'r' sound yet. 

Then he got up from his little knees and never disobeyed me again....everything is 'yes mama', and 'you can go first' and 'I am most certainly and completly content with this dinner you have set before me'........


They all still throw temper tantrums, they all still insist that they must go first, they all still act like you are feeding them worms for dinner.  They still sin.  The sinner's prayer was said but they still sin. 

 So I tell them about the Holy Spirit in their lives.  I tell them that the Holy Spirit is there to help them sin less.  The Holy Spirit is there to keep Sin Buddy off the shoulder and out the door.  I tell them (this one I don't say out loud) the Holy Spirit is there to help them obey so they will stop driving me crazy. 

But they're just little kids.  It hasn't quite clicked yet.  The puzzle pieces are in a messy pile with some under the couch and some in the dryer filter thingy and some in the trash because they were spoiled by a milk spill. 

You want them to get it so badly.  You want them to know that the Holy Spirit is there, right next to their little ear, to show them how to obey. 

And so you do the logical thing and turn into Dr Zuess Mom. 

Will you listen to the Holy Spirit, in the car?
Will you listen to the Holy Spirit, when your hand is in the cookie jar?
Will you listen to the Holy Spirit and not touch Dad's guitar?
At the table?
In a girdle?
In a hotel?
Before I yell?

MAYBE....just maybe.....maybe maybe Mable...we need to let God bring those puzzle pieces to our children one at a time and pray and encourage and love our children into finally getting it. 

All my children gave their hearts to the Lord under the age of five.  I saw little glimpses of getting it over the next years but nothing compared to when my oldest turned eight.  The fruit of the Holy Spirit that I see in her life just knocketh me off my feet.  The puzzle is starting to fit together and she is really truly getting how the Holy Spirit works in her life. 

The younger ones don't quite care yet.  I believe they really did ask Jesus into their hearts when they were little four and five-year-olds.  I was there for each one.  They understood that asking Jesus into their heart meant going to Heaven and believed that Jesus saved them by dying on the cross.  It was real and I know God was up in Heaven rejoicing with the angels over another little heart saved for Him.  I also know that they don't quite get the Holy Spirit part yet.  I try to encourage them when they do and not Dr Zuess them when they don't.  I wasted a lot of time dropping the puzzle pieces in their laps and begging them to get it.  Just put the darn puzzle together all ready!  There's only like 24 pieces!  Silly me...

They will'll glimpse it here and there.  Keep praying and encouraging and reminding but not shoving...Some days I look at my daughter and I just shed tears of such joy seeing her grow and bear spiritual fruit. 

Okay.  Reading break is over.  Go be a good mommy.

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