Friday, August 9, 2013

Irritation Is A Tablespoon Away From A Glass Of Angry

I kept telling my husband "Honeycakes, please pray for me.  The kids keep irritating me and I just don't know why.  They ask so very many questions.  Food, water, shelter, candy...and on and on.  Can't they tell that when I'm sitting on the couch drinking my coffee I'm doing some really important thinking?"

.....weeks go by and I'm still getting dressed in grumpy pants. It NEVER dawned on me in all my important thinking that I, THE MOTHER...THE BEEN-SAVED-LONGER-THAN-YOU'VE-BEEN-ALIVE....was...heaven forbid...


You see.....irritation is just a smidge shy of being angry.  As I gracefully (yeah right) accepted this fact I formed a Three step attack plan to kick irritation in the butt and then maybe sit on it until it dies. Repeat after me...

Step uno: Agree with God that you are sinning. That's called confessing.

I____________, am a irritable brat. I am sorry, Lord. I will try ever so hard to quit the brat stuff.

Step dos: Assertain the cause of irritation.

Sleep deprived? Hungry? Somebody drop Legos in your coffee? Usually for me, it's a lack of instruction that I need to teach the kids so we won't hit any more potholes as our day goes by. "You don't have your shoes ON YET?" (then my eyebrows go lower than my nose and I start growing horns) So I wrote out clear instructions called "Getting Ready to Leave the house In Three Months Or Less"'s working so far.

Step tres: I can't really think of anything else so let's just stick with repeating the first two over and over.

Well I feel better how about you? Pretty basic stuff....confess, problem solve, repeat. Quiet time is over. Be a good mommy.

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