Friday, June 17, 2016

Are You A Penguin Mom? Cuz That's Gross.

If I bumped into you at Starbucks or Winco and you got down on your mom jeans-clad knee and begged me to tell you all my advice on education but then I realized I only had time to tell you one thing because I just realized I had to catch a train, then I guess I could sum it all up with this...
Which of these two definitions define how you are teaching your kids to learn...

Definition of regurgitation

  1. :  an act of regurgitating: asa  :  the casting up of incompletely digested food (as by some birds in feeding their young)b  :  the backward flow of blood through a defective heart valve 

Definition of regeneration

  1. 1:  an act or the process of regenerating :  the state of being regenerated
  2. 2:  spiritual renewal or revival
  3. 3:  renewal or restoration of a body, bodily part, or biological system (as a forest) after injury or as a normal process
  4. 4:  utilization by special devices of heat or other products that would ordinarily be lost

Okay. Gotta go.

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