Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Completed Thought for the day: Spiritual Muscles vs. Sweet Tooth

"If you faint in the day of adversity, your strength is small."  Proverbs 24:10

....Rachel, if you fall a part when you are not having fun but enduring discomfort, your spiritual muscles are puny....

  It's more like "minutes of adversity" at this stage of life.  I'm cheerful, I'm happy, and then one of my NOT FAVORITES ruins it all (Here they are so you know to never do these to me because I might yell "Get buckled NOW" at you : running late, unnecessary messes, biting, disastrous messy house)  There is something built inside of me that craves comfort and demands peace and quiet.  As a mother of small children, the best birthday present you could give me is one whole day by myself.  I don't have to go anywhere or do anything.  Nothing is everything.  Peace and quiet.  Alas, I have realized that that craving for comfort and demand for peace and quiet is not fulfilling and shows that my strength is indeed small.  I have never been more aware of my wayward sinful attitude then after becoming a mother.

I have a fun sweet tooth...fun for a busy mother is peace and quiet...a fun sweet tooth doesn't mean that you NEED peace and quiet, it means that you WANT SOME.  It doesn't mean that peace and quiet is the only way that you can function, it means that it's the only way you WANT to function.  I don't NEED to be left alone to be a nice pleasant mother, I WANT to be left alone to be a nice pleasant mother.  I demand my WANTS so much from God that I end up missing all that He really desires me to NEED.

My fun sweet tooth yells louder than my spiritual muscles.

Cut it out....make the tooth shut up so you can hear your muscles.

Amen? Of course amen!

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